Product & Services


As a policy-issuing agent for both Chicago Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, CJT can help you eliminate risks and provide protection against losses caused by defects in title. Our longstanding association with these underwriters assures the necessary financial backing for large commercial projects as well as for residential developments.
Recent technological advances have challenged the title industry. CJT has met those challenges with a network of computer systems and Internet services, assuring our clients of speed, accuracy and on time delivery.

Title Services Include reports on

  • Title Examination & Insurance
  • Tax & Assessment Searches
  • Upper Court Searches
  • Corp. Status & Franchise Tax
  • Business Searches, etc.
CJT searches and insurance commitments are complete, easy to comprehend and address the concerns of all parties in the transaction. We practice insurance and try to find appropriate ways to insure titles.
Place your next title insurance real estate sale or refinance with Central Jersey Title Company.